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Barney Muhammad

Barney Muhammad


The History of the NOI Series w/ Bro. Barney Muhammad "The Watchman on the Wall, the History of the Rebuild of the Nation of Islam in Chicago, & the Elite 50 Plus"

In 1988, the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan proclaimed Bro. Barney Muhammad as “A watchman on the wall, for Islam and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad…” Born on the South Side of Chicago, Bro. Barney fell into juvenile delinquency activity. Upon moving to Atlanta he attended a meeting at Mosque #15 in 1974 where he  “accepted the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad” yet was facing a 20-year prison sentence and was placed on a chain gang in “Rock Quarry Prison” in Buford, GA.

In 1978, back in Chicago, he met Bro. Theron Mahdi who was the Supreme Captain of the Nation of Islam and took him to see Min. Louis Farrakhan, where Barney pledged his allegiance to help rebuild the NOI. After following Min. Louis Farrakhan, Barney excelled in his personal life, attending college, making the dean’s list, serving in key positions in College organizations and became News Editor of the Kennedy-King College Press. In 1982 he formed Penson Installation Company, the first black interconnect telephone company in Chicago. Later he became the Security Account Manager for Trans Union Corp, Director for Borg Warner Security, and Security Director of Cook County Provident Hospital. Bro. Barney Muhammad is always prepared to walk us through the timeline of events of the Rebuild of the NOI and the history of “The Elite 50 Plus”, named and established by the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan himself.














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