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Tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Speech given by Brother Student Minister Abdullah Muhammad
Friday, February 23, 2018 
The Promontory
Chicago, IL

Thanks to Brother Leonard Omarr Muhammad, we are here to pay TRIBUTE to PRODIGY (Prodigy means a young person who has a natural ability to do something extremely well).


This is my son Jaleel Muhammad he was born into the Nation of Islam “WOKE and CONSCIOUS”.  He went to the hood and became a Rapper His stage name is Cutthroat Maniac and the HOOD IS HIS fan base.


Some of his lyrics are so foul I cringe thinking about his Mother and Sisters hearing his lyrics. When I mention his foul lyrics to him, he tells me, "THAT AINT FOR Y'ALL". I told him, "put some truth and guidance in your lyrics".



In Survival of The Fittest, I heard PRODIGY say, "I'm trapped, in between two worlds”. In a video, PRODIGY said,

"My mind is so clearly focused on the direction that I need to be going with my music. I need to be putting the information that I know in my music because I been holding back a lot because I don’t want to turn off my fans. My fans is in the street and the HOOD. I got to have the right approach...Conscious means you are fully aware and awake to what’s going on in this world. So, if you got conscious Rap, then, you got UNCONSCIOUS Rap. That means they sleep, they under a spell….so you got to mix "The Medicine with The Food"."


When PRODIGY said, "The Illuminati wants my mind, soul, and body", that was mixing "The Food with The Medicine". Prodigy said,


"Pick a side nigga, you either negative or positive, evil or good. I’m not evil or Negative. I’m good. You going to start hearing more in my rhymes about the government, politics, crooked MF’S in this world and I’m exposing them all.


Prodigy also said “I am the New Malcolm X. All these Black Leaders that they murdered, I learned from them.”


When Malcolm X was with The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he was the Greatest Representative and Spokesperson that The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had. Today ELIJAH MUHAMMAD has Minister Farrakhan present among us to LEARN from, a LIVING, CONSCIOUS LEADER “ALIVE” and "WOKE" so that THE PRODIGY’s, of today, can be WOKE and GROW in consciousness. Prodigy asked, "Why are they making all these movies on SNITCHES?" PRODIGY said "I’m SNITCHING on The Government, not my Brothers. I’m SNITCHING on the Government, the Illuminati, the Military, and religion…Snitching with Facts where you can go research the facts."


Using “P’s’ term “SNITCH” that Makes Minister Farrakhan THE GREATEST GOD SENT “SNITCH” on the planet against weak and un-righteous politicians, false religious leaders and The Government with The Joint Chiefs of Staff are targeting Black youth. So, listen to Minister Farrakhan Muhammad today and grow in CONSCIOUSNESS.


To me, the best way for all Hip-Hop artists to pay TRIBUTE to ‘PRODIGY” is to start “SNITCHING” on weak and un-righteous politicians, false religious leaders and The Government with The Joint Chiefs of Staff targeting Black youth in your lyrics. Therefore, I’m inviting you all to come and hear The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan deliver The Nation of Islam’s Annual Saviours’ Day address on Sunday, Feb. 25, 2018, at The Wintrust Arena 200 E Cermak Rd.


I thank Allah for you allowing me to Pay TRIBUTE to PRODIGY. PRODIGY was evolving, growing wings and on his way to becoming an “ANGLE” in Hip-Hop. An Angle is a man that knows God-Allah and has High Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding.


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan loves all of you.

Thank you for listening as I leave you in peace, As Salaam Alaikum!!!!

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